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Below is some information that might be helpful. Joshua Tree National Park is a respite melting pot. One thing you will not find is service…for your cellphone or your RV. Sounds funny coming from someone that has been living in an RV full time…but its soo true. More on that in a different post…but for now you can find some pro tips on how to make the most of your trip to Joshua Tree below. You should also know there are several ways to take on Joshua Tree. You can make it a day trip or camp for up to 14 days. If you are staying outside of the park or diving deep for several days…be sure to stop by the visitor center. They will be able to tell you up-to-date information on hikes, highlights and give you a lay of the land.

Top 10 Tips for Visiting Joshua Tree

If you have nothing better do to, follow us on our full-time RV journey. Not wanting to to try and find a site in one of the crowded campgrounds with no internet we opted for the BLM area north of the park that is used for overflow camping. Well, we did have one close neighbor, Suzanne, but that was okay since it was intentional. Having been away from civilization for a week and a half we needed to do some laundry and pick up a few groceries, so on Sunday evening Jim and I headed to the big town of Joshua Tree.

In this photo essay, join Monica Mo as she enjoys a day of scenic rock climbing in California’s Joshua Tree National Park, of U2 fame. In this photo essay, join Monica Mo as she enjoys a day of scenic rock climbing in California’s Joshua Tree National Park, of U2 fame Once he comes back down to the ground, I hook up to one end of the rope /rock-climbing-joshua-tree-day-travel-life.

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Our family made a last minute decision to head out on Thanksgiving Day and enjoy our holiday dinner in the trailer. I will admit, the thought of cooking Thanksgiving in a RV was a little daunting. Surprisingly, it ended up being super easy and turned out delicious! My one big mistake last year was choosing a campground that had a fire restriction.

It was a reminder that research is key!

The campground will fill up, so cozy up to your neighbors. If you’ve spread out an area larger than 12×12, you might be asked to share space as more campers arrive. If you want to camp with friends, we encourage you to arrive together, as roping off areas and saving large spaces for latecomers is unfair to other festival-goers.

The area offers a wide array of attractions, from outdoor sports to shopping, to galleries, to events and The grounds are well-lit and the roads are paved. Our modern Clubhouse features a full kitchen with tables and chairs that would be ideal for your next meeting or family reunion. The onsite laundry facility is convenient for clothes washing needs.

Mature shade trees are found throughout the park for those hot summer days. Sites accommodate vehicles up to 48 feet in length. Small pets are welcome, so long as they are attended by their owners and leashed.

2018 Joshua Tree National Park Travel Guide

There are three areas that have group campsites: Cottonwood , Indian Cove , and Sheep Pass. Group sites can accommodate people. Reservations for group sites may be made up to a year in advance.

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Our Adventure – Kirk & Pam’s RV Adventure

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RV Rental Joshua Tree National Park

Here we are at Joshua Tree National Park! We stayed at this location through Jan. We were met by Ranger Cynthia Fero, the ranger in charge of this campground. We found her to be a great person to work with and a good friend.

Nov 16,  · Joshua Tree El Coyote on 5 private acres set against the mountainside w/ Hot tub. I-phone hook-up as well. CD Player. DVD Player. with large library of dvd’s. Well appointed and a great host. If you are planning a stay in Joshua Tree look no further. I have used VRBO and Airbnb many times and El Coyote is the best rental I.

Our rates have changed on June 1st, The office is open for check-ins at 9 AM. Please do not arrive earlier than this time. Walk-in Showers non-campers Non-Camping Showers: You are welcome to bring shade structures that are free standing we do not permit anything to be attached to the small trees in the tent area due to damages caused.

Be sure to pack guide ropes to attach to the tent stakes you bring. Checkout time is 11 AM. All guests and vehicles must register in the Camp Office, and must display correct campground vehicle and tent registration tags while on the premises. There is not electricity or water in the Tent areas. We welcome you to bring your own fire pit. It must remove the fire from the ground. Please dispose of them into existing fire barrels that are not being used in someones campsite.

We do not allow persons Tent camping, RVing or Fishing to be dropped off at our location.

Joshua Tree National Park Tourism: Best of Joshua Tree National Park

It’s a no brainer. Get the Annual Inter-Agency Pass. Yes, it costs more, but Also, if you arrive after hours when the Park entrance station is not staffed , you can still enter the park Free maps are in the brown box.

The boys woke up and were in awe of our view. They played with their trains and watched the sun move along the rocks as we cooked breakfast. The stones in Joshua Tree are unlike anything you’ve ever seen; they are giant boulders stacked on top of each other in a precariously looking way, but in reality, are incredibly strong and ://

The amenities are numerous and the employee’s here are super helpful and friendly. I had started losing faith in the KOA group of campgrounds and have looked for Good Sam campgrounds for places to stay but after this visit I have renewed my faith in KOA and will try other KOA’s around the country in our travels. Feb 01, Loved our stay! The staff is amazing and my kids are still talking about how much fun they had!

Jan 31, We loved the hot mineral tubs and pool as well as our site. Got to have a nice tree next to us. There were lots of fun things to do and everyone was very friendly. And our dog liked the dog area. Jan 31, We don’t usually stay at KOAs for more than one night, but we ended up staying 7! This campground is well taken care of. It is off a busy street, but parking in the back may alleviate some of the noise. The main reason for our stay in the Palm Springs area was for the mineral pools.

It is so convenient to have them right where you camp!

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