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How does it feel? I know I never go on the spot much, but when I do, I dedicate myself to it, because I truly love quick and to me their love will always live on. The-Start-off-Question, Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know. I live for skins and gossip girl. And I no longer have a life due to the fact that I found tumblr. I want to leave

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Seven months pregnant with daughter Ari and left to raise son Alex six alone. She feels overwhelmed and not sure where her life will lead her. As alpha female of her pack she has to put on a brave face and show no weakness. To make matters worse her true mate Matthew is making her feel things that she does not want to feel. He’s out to win her heart while his long time girlfriend Sophie is out for blood and to make sure that Matthew stays hers.

Just Glee (a glee fanfic) Fanfiction In glee the top tv show played on fox everybody knew Rachel Berry as a unpopular girl but in this fanfic she’s a popular girl dating the 2bd cutest guy in school that is until she found out what he gad been doing.

Glee Season 3 Fan fiction Hey guys, this is my first time writing fan fictions’ and blog posts I hope they are gud J After new directions lost regional’s, Mr. Figgins insisted that glee club needs to be disbanded. But after all the rude comments Sue receives during the voting session, she sees that glee club and the kids in it aren’t so bad after all. Figgins that they can keep glee and share the funding. Shoe rushes to glee club and tells everyone the news.

They’re all super happy and decide to throw a celebratory party at Rachel’s house. Its just Rachel and Finn left in the auditorium and they are closer then ever.

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Observations of Beauty by Alesford Quinn Fabray is fractured, and every misstep in her life has been slowly tearing her down. Everybody has their breaking point, and everybody reacts differently. Romantic Ulterior Motives by anan0maly Post 1×07 Throwdown. Quinn and Rachel had an argument at school.

Watch video · Rachel Berry / episodes, Matthew Morrison Will Schuester, becomes the director of the school’s failing Glee club, New Directions, he hopes to be able to rejuvenate it. The club competes in the choir competition circuit. They tried to make a new Puck with Jake but they failed because no one can be Puck. I just wanted so.

First, let me give you some background explanation. Two and a half years ago when I started writing Glee fanfic, I was a very angry Glee fan. To me, the best part of glee, on top of all of the compelling characters, was the glee club itself. But, in the middle of season 5 the writers, in a knee-jerk reaction to the death of Cory Monteith, decided to take Glee in a completely different direction, ending the glee club in Lima storyline and writing anyone not in New York out completely, and in the process made it not feel like Glee anymore.

As a result, everyone was set to graduate at the end of season 3. They also introduced several new characters at McKinley: Unfortunately none of these really captured the hearts and interest of most fans. The College Years, or something to that effect where they wanted to explore the lives of the alumni after graduation. So, starting with season 4, Glee was split in half and became two distinct parts of the same show.

The most popular characters Rachel, Kurt, and Santana ventured out into the world of New York and pursued their dreams, and plans were made to write the other alumni in where they could. The underclassmen, meanwhile, stayed in Lima and began another school year. As expected, Unique transferred to McKinley, but Harmony did not.

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Emma calls Will in a panic and he convinces Finn to step up and be the team leader he was meant to be. Finn returns to the group with new music and pulls them together. With the song Finn brought, an old one they have performed before, and Rachel pulling a ballad she already knows from her repertoire, they have a new set list and a crowd pleasing performance. The director of the Jane Addams School for Girls has a change of heart and goes to confess to the judges that Sue leaked the New Directions set list to her and the other school director before the competition, but it is too late.

The judges have already made their decision and declare New Directions the winners.

Mar 17,  · Glee casts Rachel and Puck’s duet performance of Lady Antebellum’s Need you now.

Rachel is not-so-secretly in love with Head Cheerio Quinn Fabray. She raised a bet scoring a goal and win for McKinley in the upcoming match with Quinn and if she succeeds, the blonde will date her. She did win and Quinn found herself falling for the charming and determined brunette. Rating – T or M ; Anything else? P, but I restrained myself. Sure she was small, but that only meant that people underestimated her and she got away with picking up her game last minute.

She was a straight hustler on the field. The small brunette folded her arms across her chest and took a deep breath; she knew just how to play this. If I win, I get to take you on a date to wherever you want. There were ten minutes left in the game and they were tied at 4. Rachel stood halfway up the field, her small hands gripping at her sides and her legs ready to begin sprinting at any moment. The other team launched the ball into the field and the small girl was off. She made it down the field much faster than many of the other players and was able to steal the ball from the opposing team.

Her lungs burned and her muscles cried out for her to stop, but she kept going.

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Harry wakes in the night to a voice calling him from somewhere in the castle. He follows it- and everything changes. Harry Potter – Rated: The Hidden Prodigy by mapplepie reviews Somehow sent back into the past, Kakashi is given a second chance to relive his childhood. He is determined to make the most of everyday and to fix the horrors of the future, but sometimes simple determination is not enough to save everyone.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating; who is dating who on glee on the show; Summary: quinn secretly dating glee. A secret girlfriend. A really hot night with rachel while rachel dating finn, and have been dating for rachel work at the unlikeliest of our own,. His friends quinn is eighty miles away in the unlikeliest of the glee.

If you just want to talk about the show, stop by our Glee Forum. It also spawned a British singing contest called “Don’t Stop Believing” yes, with the ‘g’ that lasted six episodes in summer , was won by the only team who sang Barbra Streisand , and has never been mentioned since. Please note that The Glee Project has its own page, so don’t put examples from that here.

Most notably was any Finn story lines occurring past season 4, since between season 4 and 5 Cory Monteith passed away. The only time Sue calls Emma by her correct name is in the pilot. Sue appears to not do this purely out of malice. In Furt she claims that her repeated references to Kurt as “Lady” were because she thought it was his name – though she has referred to him by name on-screen in previous episodes.

When Kurt points out that he takes offense to it, she allows him to choose a different nickname for her to call him. He chooses the name Porcelain, which she uses exclusively afterwards. The implication is that the nicknames are a way for Sue to express contempt, respect or possibly even affection without losing her Drill Sergeant Nasty persona. Of course, only Sue knows which she’s expressing at any given time. Josh Groban plays himself as silly and Olivia Newton John is a big enough bitch that even Sue doesn’t like her.

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Heather, I hope you also enjoyed Episode It looks like Glee is getting back on track towards something chewable or at least digestible. After briefly experimenting with Natural Hair and Naked Necks, Blaine recalls how the never-changing familiarity of Dalton is what finally re-infused his life with buckets of joy.

RACHEL: Because I realized that while all of us making our celibacy pledge is wonderful, one day we’re gonna fall in love with someone and we’re going to choose to be intimate with them. [SANTANA glances over at BRITTANY and ARTIE].

A little over a year later she’s dating Noah and then 2 months after they begin dating he finds out her secret; he supports her anyway. But when the Glee club accidently finds out that same secret during their junior year will they support or abandon her? And then a second tragedy strikes leaving Rachel broken yet again. With the permission of BellaRose55 I took the basic plot line from her story Turning Tables and changed it from Finchel to Puckleberry. You guys should go check it out.

I’ll admit I’m not a fan of Finchel, really at all, but her story is absolutely amazing. It is the first and only Finchel story I have ever read. I actually like Finn and Rachel together in her story. But Puckleberry is still who I ship. Let me start out by saying there is a part of everyone that they keep hidden because they’re afraid that if people found out then they would be ridiculed and have no friends. Well the same it true for me except that there are 5 people who know my secret and 2 of those people found out only a year ago.

Anyway my secret really would destroy the already fragile friendships that I have with the Glee club. The only the people who know it are my dads of course they won’t judge me , my boyfriend Noah Puckerman who I’ve been dating for a year and half he found out by mistake one afternoon , Noah’s mom was my nurse in the aftermath patient confidentiality is why Noah didn’t know sooner , and Noah’s sister was with Noah one afternoon and found out by mistake.

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Edit Jesse makes a shocking return in the episode Prom Queen. He interrupts her after she sings the first two lines, and they continue the song as a duet. When they finish singing Rachel asks Jesse what he was doing there and he says he was kicked out of college for not attending his classes and that he also wanted to see Rachel. He goes to the prom with Rachel, Sam, and Mercedes as friends. While the four are at dinner, he proposes that he start a show choir consultant business, which Rachel takes to with enthusiasm, calling him the “show choir whisperer.

I’m working on a new fic (Glee; Faberry, Brittana, AU, mature) and since my regular beta isn’t up to date on Glee and doesn’t want to be spoiled I need someone else .

If it were ANY other show, this would be a collection of beautiful foreshadowing. Or why Rachel asked Finn what it was like to kiss Quinn. Or why the two times Finn stormed out, Rachel went after Quinn instead. Or why Quinn drew pornographic pictures of Rachel in the bathroom. Or why Quinn had to stare at the ceiling when Rachel was wearing her Britney outfit.

Or why Quinn would give up the one thing she had always wanted -to be prom queen- in order to make Rachel win the title just so she would regain the confidence she had lost choking on her audition. Or why Quinn ended up deciding to support Rachel even though she was against the wedding. Or why Rachel made sure to talk Quinn out of making the biggest mistake of her life by telling everyone that Shelby had slept with Puck. Or why the first person that Quinn told her news of getting into Yale was Rachel.

Or why Rachel got mad at the Glee club because they were all ignoring the fact that Quinn was on a wheelchair. Or why Rachel had broke down crying after hearing Quinn say that.

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Posted by Darr Glee revolved around the. Glee fanfiction rachel dating He stays with her at the doctor for support, even though Rachel suggests he leave.

A tragedy occurs during Rachel’s freshman year at McKinley. A little over a year later she’s dating Noah and then 2 months after they begin dating he finds out her secret; he supports her anyway.

Kurt is dating a very possessive Sebastian. Q makes a bet that Kurt can’t get Badboy! Blaine to fall for him. But what happens when Blaine and Sebastian find out about this Skank’s game? Kurt Hummel arrives at school to find a new boy with a bad status has transferred to McKinley: The pair soon get into a LOT of trouble. Kurt Hummel finds an unexpected acquaintance with Sebastian Smythe after a tough break-up. He tries to keep their fling a strict Friends with Benefits situation, but Sebastian starts to break through his carefully guarded walls, even though he isn’t necessarily an open book, either.

Kurt is a waiter dreaming of high society living. Blaine is a wealthy music producer on a talent search. Starting with a designer suit acquired through questionable means, Kurt spins a web of lies to masquerade as someone worthy of Blaine’s attention. Kurt- Kurt Hummel finds out he’s not the only badass at McKinley upon meeting the new kid but each boy has his own story to tell and an accident will change both of them forever.

When the Warblers get the opportunity to perform on a cruise ship over the holidays, Kurt can barely believe his luck at spending the time with Blaine. What he doesn’t count on is the friendships he makes, and the love he feels for his friend returned 13 True Glee Summary:

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Wavegoodbye One of the pleasures of a seasoned fanfiction reader like me is to discover a hidden gem, a previously unknown author or story that I missed first time round. Posting a complete story is a rarity among authors – sulkygeek being a memorable exception – so finding the fanfiction by WaveGoodbye was a real pleasure. Quality complete stories, perfect spelling and grammar yes, it IS important!

Thanks to a link from someone on Tumblr I discovered this author and found Boats in the Sky. I was immediately struck by how well the author wrote and the lovely development of the relationship from friends to lovers, complete with little obstacles along the way.

Title: A Thousand Ways to Hell Author: Me (glittergron) Pairings/Characters: Santana/Brittany, Rachel/Quinn, Burt Hummell, Kurt, Mercedes, Sue. Rating: NC Type: AU, angst, crossover. Summary: Two sisters, raised by their father to fight supernatural evil, search for a way to save each other and the people they love from a dark destiny. Spoilers: None for Glee, pre-series through to .

When were Rachel and Puck together in Glee? In the second half of the season. Puck had a bizarre dream when Rachel climbed in his room with no shoes on, and a white dress What episode of glee do rachel and Finn get together? However when Finn heard that Jesse was back in town in the recent Episode “Prom Queen” he began to act “protective” to Rachel as he had been there the year before when he had hurt her.

Finn “broke” the two apart and began fighting with Jesse – and later that same night Quinn slapped Rachel across the face in the bathroom – the two of them continued talking in the bathroom as Quinn and Rachel had both had a very dramatic night.

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