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Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A beauty queen and her British ex-husband were about to rekindle their relationship when they were shot dead in front of their young daughter in a roadside robbery , it has been claimed. The couple had reconciled for a family holiday when they were attacked by a gang of masked men after their car broke down on a motorway. Monica and Thomas with Maya as a baby Image: Monica, a year-old soap star who was crowned Miss Venezuela in , was hit in the armpit. Orphaned Maya was hit in the leg and is being comforted by her British-born paternal grandparents, Tom and Kate, while under police protection in hospital in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. Monica’s aunt Mariela Mootz said the couple were going through a process of reconciliation before the horrific shooting that cut short their lives on a Venezuelan motorway. Thomas with daughter Maya, who was injured in the attack Image: Pixel Cousin Jossie Marquez also admitted the family were hoping the pair would get back together. They made such a perfect couple. All the family loved him.

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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. A Venezuelan court has sentenced two teens to four years in prison for their role in the killing of former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and her partner last year. The attorney general’s office said the minors, aged 15 and 17, admitted taking part in the attack that killed the couple and wounded their five-year-old daughter in January

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January 09, Miss Venezuela Murder Update: She witnessed the murder of her parents, and now Maya, daughter of former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and ex Thomas Berry, could be forced to testify as a key witness in the investigation of the killings. Meanwhile, TMZ reports that psychologists are preparing to tell the little girl that her parents are dead.

It was originally reported that the three were on a family vacation in Venezuela when their car broke down between Puerto Cabello and Valencia. Now the New York Daily News says authorities believe the couple drove over a sharp object that was deliberately placed in the road by a band of thieves. With two punctured tires, they were left helpless on the side of the road. Two tow trucks arrived, but it is unknown if Monica and Thomas called for assistance or if drivers were in on the robbery.

The suspects waited until after the car was lifted onto the back of a tow truck to attack. Police say the family locked themselves in the car to get away from the assailants. So far, authorities have made five arrests in connection with the case. Thomas Berry, who was born in Ireland and raised in Venezuela from the age of 7, was an independent travel consultant living in Caracas.

Two teens sentenced in former Miss Venezuela’s killing

Share2 Shares Ethereal and lovely, beauty queens have always had a special place in human society. There is just something about a really attractive woman that stops the world. But good looks come with their own brand of danger. Sometimes, admirers morph into demented stalkers. Powerful criminals want trophy girlfriends. And owning a pageant title is no protection during robberies or when these women face violence for standing up for their beliefs.

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The slaying of Monica Spear, 29, a popular soap-opera actress, and Thomas Henry Berry, a year-old British citizen, was the latest high-profile crime in a country where killings are common in armed robberies and where rampant kidnapping has ensnared even foreign ambassadors and professional baseball players. Monday’s killings followed a pattern in Venezuela of late-night assaults carried out by disabling cars with obstacles placed on roadways or by removing sewer covers.

Spear and Berry were slain at about They were returning from vacation to Caracas on a badly maintained stretch of highway that is lightly travelled at that hour. Their four-door sedan hit “a sharp object that had been placed on the highway” which punctured at least two of its tires, the director of the country’s investigative police, Jose Gregorio Sierralta, told reporters.

Two tow trucks arrived almost immediately afterward, said Sierralta, and the attack occurred after the car had been lifted onto one of the trucks. Seeing the assailants coming, the travellers locked themselves inside and the assailants fired at least six shots, he said. Police in Puerto Cabello arrested five suspects, some under the age of 18, Sierralta added. It could not immediately be determined if Spear and Berry had called the tow trucks, or if any of the drivers were among those arrested for suspected involvement in the killings.

The daughter, Maya, was in stable condition after treatment for a leg wound and was with relatives in Caracas, said Sierralta. The family had spent New Year’s in the mountains of the western state of Merida then travelled to the plains, said Luis Carlos Dominguez, a longtime friend and former business associate of Berry. He said Berry was raised in Venezuela and ran a travel agency. Venezuelans list crime as their most pressing worry.

Three sentenced over killing of ex-Miss Venezuela

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Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A beauty queen wife and her husband were gunned down in front of their five-year-old daughter during a roadside robbery in Venezuela, media in the South American country have reported. The man, a British national, was originally thought to be Irish. They were held up after their car broke down.

Their bodies were discovered in the vehicle. They have also claimed that the couple’s five-year-old daughter was injured in the leg and is now under police protection while being treated for her injuries. Ms Spear Mootz was crowned Miss Venezuela in and later went on to become an actress. The vehicle Mr Berry and his wife’s bodies were discovered in Media in Venezuela are reporting that the couple were separated.

Mr Berry’s Facebook page says that he is from London.

Mónica Spear

Sometimes, beauty comes at a price. These horrifying murders will both shock you as well as make you sad at such a loss! A gruesome murder took place in small town of South Africa and the victim was the 23 years old gay beauty queen.

Mónica Spear and Ricardo Álamo were in La mujer perfecta () together. About Venezuelan Actress Mónica Spear was born Mónica Spear Mootz on 1st October, in Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela and passed away on 6th Jan Puerto Cabello, Venezuela aged

Ze verhuisde naar de Verenigde Staten met haar familie als een tiener. Ze gebruikte haar celebrity-status om geld in te zamelen voor slachtoffers van huiselijk geweld en de slachtoffers van autisme. Ze sprak openlijk over haar terughoudendheid om te wonen in het midden van het geweld en de instabiliteit van Venezuela. Ze werd een slachtoffer van die omgeving. Op de leeftijd van negenentwintig, werd ze vermoord, samen met haar ex-man, via de snelweg bandieten terwijl hij op vakantie in Venezuela.

Hun jonge dochter raakte gewond maar de aanval overleefd. Demonstranten en Venezolaanse hervorming activisten gebruiken haar imago en het verhaal als onderdeel van hun campagne tegen geweld. Haar telenovelas blijven lucht op Venezolaanse en Spaanstalige tv-programma’s, vaak in het kader van fondsenwerving en bewustmaking evenementen. Hommages aan Spear in overvloed op YouTube en populaire media sites als ze blijft een populaire figuur.

Ze heeft een iconische status als een martelaar in de strijd van Venezuela tegen geweld en criminaliteit bereikt. Ze had drie broers en zussen, Carolina, Javier en Ricardo. Haar overlevende familie woont in Florida vandaag.

Model wife and husband gunned down in front of daughter, 5, during roadside robbery in Venezuela

Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A beauty queen and her British ex-husband have been gunned down in front of their five-year-old daughter during a roadside robbery. Travel firm boss Thomas Henry Berry, 39, was killed along with Monica Spear, 29, after their car broke down on a motorway in Venezuela.

Their daughter Maya Veliz was injured in the attack and is recovering in hospital with her grandparents by her side. Her life is not said to be in danger.

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Tech Caracas — Gunmen have killed a former Miss Venezuela and her British-born partner in front of their young daughter in an attack that shocked the crime-plagued nation, authorities said. Monica Spear, a year-old soap opera star, and Thomas Henry Berry, 39, were killed in what appears to have been a botched robbery after their car broke down on a highway in northwestern Venezuela late Monday, police and prosecutors said.

The family was driving on a highway when their car hit a blunt object that had been placed on the road, forcing them to pull over, said forensic police director Jose Gregorio Sierralta. There are suggestions that the object was deliberately placed there as part of a planned armed robbery. Spear waved down a tow truck, which stopped to help on the road between Puerto Cabello and Valencia in the state of Carabobo, Sierralta said.

But as the two truck workers operated the crane, five armed men emerged on the road. She had posted videos of the countryside and herself horse riding on Instagram in the last couple of days. Her husband was born in Britain but has Venezuelan citizenship. Actress Gaby Espino, who lives in Miami, said she would never return to her home country.

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