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An error has occurred. And how can Mr. But he had had little luck, so one Sunday last fall, he sat on the perimeter of a hotel conference room in Bayside, Queens, and watched as bachelor after bachelor sat across from his daughter, a beige veil draped over her plump face, for a few minutes ned stilted conversation. Social events at most local mosques, including Sunday school, were segregated by gender; women and men rarely spoke face to face. Just look at how he dresses.

Like those proposing to build anhe dreams of a secular hub where Muslims could interact in a Western social setting, like the Jewish Community Center.

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Islamic matrimony speed dating. It is a twice-yearly conclave started in by a Pakistani-American financial adviser from Long Island who was tired of being asked by Muslim clients if he knew anyone suitable for their children. Family members like Mr. Baig were encouraged to observe the encounters. There are always more women: On this Sunday, one bachelorette wore knee-high leather boots and purple eye shadow; another, a long, elegant white dress.

Many were draped in traditional Islamic attire; about a third were veiled. Advertisement Continue reading the main story These included Mr. To the men, she spoke softly and smiled rarely through what seemed like an endless series of nervous job interviews. Her father said Millanus offers a comfortable cultural mix: Baig meticulously inspected the crop, criticizing a rotation of men for their style or walk, with particular disdain for a bald man in his 40s who wore a striped business shirt.

His focus intensified on a dapper year-old information technologist named Shahid Imtiaz with a chiseled jaw and black film-director glasses. He met his own wife the American way: Like himself, Marilyn came from a family and community in the Bronx where men and women are largely separated until marriage.

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For an introduction to Arabs in Metro New York, including more detailed info on Egyptians, Palestinians, and Yemenis, see our last blog. Moroccan Unlike other Arab immigrant populations mentioned in this blog Yemenis excluded , Moroccans do not have a significant Christian population. Census info indicates their population doubled in Metro New York in the last decade with 8, claiming Moroccan ancestry in and 15, in Lebanese The Lebanese population in Metro New York has not been increasing as dramatically as the Arab groups already covered.

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They eavesdropped on conversations in restaurants and cafes, catalogued memberships in mosques and student organizations, and, it was later said, even tried to bait people into making inflammatory statements. The sweep of the scrutiny might have remained hidden if not for reporters at the Associated Press, who described it in a series of stories that won a Pulitzer Prize, in A few months after he was sworn in as Mayor, the Police Department disbanded the demographics unit.

And now the City of New York has settled two federal lawsuits stemming from the monitoring, and agreed to reforms. The second, which was filed in Manhattan, said that the spying violated a set of rules, known as the Handschu Guidelines , that govern how the police in New York City may investigate political and religious activity. It will also formalize what the city said was an existing policy, by prohibiting investigations in which race, religion, or ethnicity are a substantial or motivating factor.

During his administration, former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and other officials strongly defended the surveillance , saying that it had been lawful and essential. City lawyers wrote that police conduct was based on indications of unlawful activity, not on religion. Thomas Galati, who was appointed as commander of the intelligence division, in , said that the demographics unit was created to give the police an understanding of where people of certain ethnicities and nationalities were concentrated.

By any reckoning, the monitoring was extensive.

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Technology has made it easy to arrange marriages through online sites. Very generic in Pakistan, marriage is the union of two persons of different backgrounds to spend a life together. While couples in love marriages have the preferred standpoint to spend time one-on-one together before marriage, couples in arranged marriages generally do not have this pleasure. Semi-arrange marriages can be done through marriage bureaus. In this globe full of people, it is not easy to find that individual that fulfills the needs of your heart.

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She cared for her mother full time, even after a stroke six years before she died. Her attitude is common among Muslims in the United States, many of whom are reluctant even to consider placing an aging family member in a facility. Part of that decision was a personal one, but part of it was practical: It is difficult for Muslims to find nursing homes and assisted living facilities that reflect their way of life.

But the Muslim community faces a particular challenge. For them, life in a majority of residential facilities would be an alien experience. The Pew Research Center reports that the Muslim population in the United States will double by , which means that more adult children will need a greater range of options for their aging parents. Without expanded services at existing facilities, or a combination of Muslim-run residences and an increased willingness to use them, the coming generation will face a care crisis.

The traditional model of a full-time stay-at-home caregiver will not survive as the elderly population increases and Muslim women step into the work force. Currim knows that she was able to do it only because she had both time and a network of supportive relatives to help out. But the next generation is not going to stay at home. Nadir, which for her family would mean that only women would attend to female residents; that halal foods, in which animals are slaughtered according to instructions, would be available; and that the staff would be aware of the presence of alcohol or animal gelatin in any medications or preparations.

For now, she focuses her outreach work on smaller steps, interim changes that provide services short of full-time care. Currim says that her mother drew comfort and peace of mind from her religious and cultural practices.

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Dating outside your religious beliefs can be difficult. Dating a Muslim may present you with unfamiliar issues. If you hold firm religious convictions, dating someone of a different religion can cause conflict, tension and stress for you, your partner and both your families.

NEW YORK — Born in the suburbs of Seattle to a close-knit middle-class American family, Omar said he felt pressure to live up to his family’s expectations, as a man and as a Muslim.

Jewish Humor Central Jewish Humor Central is a daily publication to start your day with news of the Jewish world that’s likely to produce a knowing smile and some Yiddishe nachas. It’s also a collection of sources of Jewish humor–anything that brings a grin, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, or just a warm feeling to readers. Our posts include jokes, satire, books, music, films, videos, food, Unbelievable But True, and In the News.

Some are new, and some are classics. We post every morning, Sunday through Friday. Wednesday, July 18, James Cagney, the American actor best known for playing tough guys in gangster films and for winning an Oscar for playing George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy, was a fluent Yiddish speaker. He spoke Yiddish in a few of his films, including Taxi and The Fighting 69th And I thought to myself — yet another reason to love Jimmy Cagney.

A New York City Settlement on Surveillance of Muslims

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At worst, though, the Republican frontrunner is guilty of exaggerating. The DC Media, however, has been exposed once again as bald-faced liars who engaged in a 14 year cover-up. Contemporaneous reports and eyewitnesses prove once and for all that some number of Muslims did in fact celebrate the collapse of the Twin Towers. Trump was not only right on this point, but by pressing the matter he has forced the DC Media to uncover a truth they did not want to tell.

Giuliani confirmed the reports.

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She was busy stacking up empty cups. Imtiaz, the lanky information technologist, who had come to the United States, alone, from Islamabad five years before.

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Largely ignored in was research by the Hillary Clinton campaign based on contacts developed with members of the church Obama attended for two decades, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. This is the first of a series of articles WND has developed from months of in-person interviews with church members who have known Barack and Michelle Obama over many years. The sources requested that their identities not be published because they believe their disclosures would put their security at risk.

Carolyn explained that for many black families, attending Trinity was a way out of poverty.

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Unfortunately, due to the lack of public access to private prison contracts, most of the details are unknown. Shortly before her death, the woman reported that she had been raped and assaulted by male inmates who were housed in the same cell block. She also reported being sexually humiliated by a GEO guard after reporting to the warden that guards allowed male and female inmates to have sex. A state audit showed that the jail barely kept the minimum number of guards required in the contract.

Successive California governors have taken thousands from private prison corporations. Their lobbying operation, however, is much bigger than giving money to a couple of Golden State governors. Medical staff have been found to be poorly trained and under-employed, sometimes dishing out wrong or different prescriptions to inmates. At some private facilities , those women are herded like cattle and forced to give birth in chains.

In one case at a CCA prison in Dallas, a four-day-old child died after her mother gave birth to her in a toilet because officials at the private prison refused her medical care. Their incarceration represents a perpetuation of that violence on both sides of the prison walls. Does the mistrust in law and order and simmering resentment promulgated by these policies not put communities at risk as well?

The women behind the open letter know that a new private prison for women is just about the furthest thing from what the state needs to be doing right now to address its addiction to mass incarceration.

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This amazing piece of reporting actually won a Pulitzer prize for best feature writing: Dressed in a crisp polo shirt and swathed in cologne, he races his Nissan Maxima through the rain-slicked streets of Manhattan, late for a date with a tall brunette. At red lights, he fusses with his hair. What sets the bachelor apart from other young men on the make is the chaperon sitting next to him — a tall, bearded man in a white robe and stiff embroidered hat. Christian singles have coffee hour. Young Jews have JDate.

New York State no longer evaluates its teachers — a private company does — whose primary investors fund terrorism and propagate Islam. Additionally, no state or federal oversight exists for university programs (under Title VI of the Higher Education Act) that train K teachers to develop lesson plans and seminars on “Middle East Studies.”.

Unlike most other works on the topic, this work concentrates on the social aspects of present day societies and Mutah. Definitely worth a read. An excellent social, psychological and philosophical analysis of many issues related to Women, family, Nikah, Mutah, Polygamy, Divorce. This book is known amongst many circles as the “Pink” book.

It’s a very open and frank book about topics generally considered taboo subjects. This section briefly describes how Mutah can be a temporary option for those who are unable to marry in Nikah. Edited by Vahid J. Majd and Ali Abbas. You may need to scroll down the page. This is a very excellent piece by the learned scholar, looking at Mutah within the context of Western life.

It shows how Mutah was introduced by the Holy Prophet saw in order to wipe out prostitution and other forms of illicit relationships from society. In this section the author shows how Mutah can be considered by the youth as an alternative to Early Marriage which is halal and encouraged in Islam and Masturbation which is haram in Islam but widely practiced.

Generally the whole chapter and the whole book is worth a read.

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