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As is common in automotive manufacturing, the sophomore model of any production vehicle is often a carryover from its inaugural year, with the changes occurring to correct for errors in the initial design — errors that are often identified as the result of feedback from both the automotive media and consumers alike. This was definitely the case for the Corvette. The exterior door handles were changed from the conventional door grip with thumb button to a single-piece door lever that was depressed as the door was gripped during opening. A new headlight washer system was introduced and the windshield washer jets were relocated to the wiper arms. The hidden wiper system, which allowed the wiper blades to be concealed when not in use, was further complicated for the model year when engineers introduced an override switch to the system that allowed the vacuum-operated panel to be left up during freeze conditions. The wheels were again increased in size — from 7 inches to 8 inches. Lastly, optional side mount exhaust pipes RPO N14 and side fender chrome vent trim inserts RPO TJ2 were introduced which, like the Stingray nameplate, were probably the only other notable characteristics that would help differentiate the and model years. It also featured steel-reinforced body sills, door hinge pillars and lock pillars, plus lateral steel cross-member integrating front pillars. The coupe also featured supporting members that enclosed the passenger compartment with protective steel framing.

Shift Issue | 1993 Chevrolet Lumina | 4T60E

This obsession with control started with electronic fuel injection in the late s and eventually expanded into suspension and transmission control. All late-model overdrive automatics are now microprocessor managed, which makes converting one of these transmissions more expensive, since it requires a separate, stand-alone electronic controller. Car Craft did a complete comparison of six different transmission controllers for the 4L80E four-speed automatic overdrive transmission in the Mar.

This pushed us to look for a less expensive alternative.

Locate vacuum hose by transmission. If the truck has a vacuum hose to the transmission (to the vacuum modulator), the line will be a metal tube attached to the large tube that the transmission dipstick is in. It will come up and connect to a hose that will run to the base of the carburetor.

This shows that the modulator valve is not working. This kind of problem could be caused by the hose that connects the transmission to the engine vacuum develops cracks, burns or begins to collapse in on itself. Here are some instructions on how to test if your transmission modulator needs replacing. First of all, start your car and allow the engine to warm up to its normal functioning temperature. Once it has reached this temperature, move the transmission into the ‘park’ position and set your parking brake in position firmly.

If you keep your car in the garage, make sure that the door is wide open when you do this, or that you have moved your car out onto a driveway. Go around the back of your car to see what colour smoke is coming out of the exhaust. If it is blue then this is caused by a rupture in the diaphragm in the modulator valve which causes transmission fluid to be drawn up into the engine.

700r4 Vacuum Modulator

Back to the top Selecting an RF modulated channel The following article explores the problems you may have in adding a modulated channel to your distribution system. The best way to avoid co- channel is to use one of the Transmitter Channel Allocation TCA guides, for example the one for Crystal Palace , to find an unused frequency. Alternatively, fill in your own:

At the time, I worked at the Chevy-Olds dealership, and the transmission expert (who had been a mechanic since Moses was a pup) told me the best thing to do with a PG was disconnect and cap the vacuum line to the vacuum modulator on the transmission.

Differential video signals on UTP cable Normally video transmission is done using 75 ohm coaxial cables, but unshielded twisted pair or UTP cable is a very inexpensive interconnection when compared to a coaxial cable connection. This section gives you circuits for transmitting video signals over unshielded twisted pair wiring. Modern unshielded twisted pair wiring CAT5 or better can be used to transport hogh quality video signals when this is done in the right way.

Also lower quality cables will do in the applications where some signal quality degration is allowed for example telephone wire pairs in some CCTV applications. The secret to sending signals over UTP is to balance them well in order to limit both radiation and noise pick up. This kind of unshielded twisted pair wiring method is used in many CCTV applications nowadays to use existing in-house twisted pair wiring instead of installing new coaxial cable for the CCTV camera.

Video signal can be adapted to UTP wiring using a special balun transformer between BNC video connector and the wisted pair wiring. This converter converts the unbalanced audio signal to balanced signa which nicely travels through the cable. A similar transformer can be used on the other end of the cable to convert the video signal back to unbalanced format which fits to BNC connector. There are both passive solutions balun transformers and active converters available on the market for this application.

Simple UTP baluns just convert an unbalanced coax signal to a balanced signal for use on the twisted pair. Some companies add gain with active converters to extend the distance.

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Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Assuming that you mean the vacuum for the trans It runs down the back of the engine and along the transmission’s bellhousing and the case the C6 just happens to have an integral bell and case, the C4 for example doesn’t.

Feb 21,  · Transmission modulator operation (diaphragm integrity as well as actuator movement) Vacuum leaks at ALL components AND HOSES (I know I emphasized this for your timing issue but vacuum is too often overlooked when troubleshooting transmission shifting issues. I’m not hung up on vacuum, it’s jusy really important.).

Next It seems as if every home garage across the country has an old, unused TV set sitting inside. People don’t use them because they think that they can’t use today’s technology — including VCRs, DVDs , MP3 players, camcorders and gaming systems — on the old set. With a radio frequency RF modulator, it’s all possible. The modulator converts the picture and sound coming from your DVD or gaming system and displays it on the old TV screen [source: Just read the tips listed below and learn about how to connect an RF modulator to your used — but useful!

Connecting a Stereo or TV Connecting an RF modulator takes only seconds, but you have to make sure that you connect the proper plugs to the proper outlet jacks. If you’re connecting the RF modulator to a stereo or TV, take the three plugs that are connected to the modulator and plug them into the video and audio output jacks on the stereo system. There will be corresponding colors on both the plugs and the output jacks so you know where to put each plug.

Plug the modulator’s electricity cord into a power outlet. Turn both the modulator and the stereo or TV on to check that you connected them properly [source: Turn on all three devices to ensure that you connected them properly [source:

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February 17, , I’m after some advice, but first I’ll share what experience I’ve had on the ABS system which may be of help to someone this is the early ABS system up to All the problems I’ve had are to do with the modulator, there are a number of parts to it that will cause a failure if they malfunction. These are the solenoids, the pump and the limit switch.

Connecting a Stereo or TV Connecting an RF modulator takes only seconds, but you have to make sure that you connect the proper plugs to the proper outlet jacks. If you’re connecting the RF modulator to a stereo or TV, take the three plugs that are connected to the modulator and plug them into the video and audio output jacks on the stereo system.

In no particular order I would humbly suggest checking the following items: Transmission fluid temperature if possible Too hot will cause problems. Transmission fluid filter condition. Transmission modulator operation diaphragm integrity as well as actuator movement Vacuum leaks at ALL components AND HOSES I know I emphasized this for your timing issue but vacuum is too often overlooked when troubleshooting transmission shifting issues.

I’m not hung up on vacuum, it’s jusy really important. It could very well be that the vacuum signal from your carburetor port to your transmission modulator is intermittant or weak for some reason. Internal wear of transmission clutches or bands I do not know which terminology Ford uses for their transmissions.

Understand Automatic Transmissions, Mustang C4, C6, and FMX

Use Correct Flexplate Size Most common flexplate sizes for C4 transmissions are tooth left and tooth right. Each calls for its own bellhousing size. This block plate fits and tooth applications.

The oil enters the pump through a filter that is located at the bottom of the transmission oil pan and travels up a pickup tube directly to the oil pump. The oil is then sent, under pressure to the pressure regulator, the valve body and the rest of the components, as required. the Throttle Cable and the Vacuum Modulator. A transmission will.

Contact Author The Corvair Powerglide automatic transmission remains one of the most stable and resilient transmissions Chevrolet made. Nevertheless, after a car has been idle for many years, issues commonly develop with the automatic transmission and the engine overheating. The following troubleshooting techniques apply to all models from Modulator and Other Issues Modulator The modulator, should it fail, can cause problems with shifting, and if the small rubber connector tube is clogged it can contribute to idle problems.

The device contains a diaphragm and valve. If your engine is hot and you cannot determine checking the Powerglide PG fluid level when the engine is running it reads “empty” on stick , the modulator may be the issue as it is allowing the fluid to leak out of where it is supposed to be. Loss of tranny fluid where you cannot locate a leak may indicate a ruptured diaphragm. A ruptured diaphragm allows the oil to be drawn into the intake manifold causing excessive white smoke.

If there is no smoke, check the rear axle lubricant as tranny oil can enter if the pinion shaft seal is worn or bad. Attach a vacuum gauge to the lower end of the modulator hose and start the engine. At idle speed, the gauge should read within 1 inch. If it doesn’t, something is blocking the tube. Open the throttle and there should be a quick drop in vacuum.

How to Build a Ford C6 Select Shift Transmission: Step by Step

Understand Automatic Transmissions, Mustang C4, C6, and FMX The ins and outs of the simple transmissions Jim Smart February 29, You probably see automatic transmissions as a convoluted maze of gears, clutches, bands, and complicated hydraulics. However, it may surprise you to know that most automatic transmissions work via a very simple principle known as hydromechanics—planetary gear sets, multi-disc clutch packs, bands and drums, and a hydraulic control system.

Most transmission builders agree that Ford’s C4, C6, and FMX transmissions are not only rugged and dependable, they’re also simple to identify, rebuild, and service.

At , our first priority is to get you the used replacement transmission you need as soon as possible. That’s why when you call us, you’ll speak to a real, live person, that can locate the transmission you need fast, and answer any questions you have on the spot.

Get your EGR Vacuum Modulator changed by a top-rated mechanic at the convenience of your home or office. When the vacuum is high, combustion temperatures and airflow are naturally lower so the diaphragm will close and restrict flow, when vacuum is low airflow and combustion temperatures are higher, so EGR flow must be increased. Any issues with it can cause the system to malfunction, which can lead to increased emissions and other problems.

Usually a bad or failing EGR vacuum modulator will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential problem that should be serviced. Engine performance issues One of the first problems of a potential issue with the EGR vacuum modulator is engine performance issues. An excessively large vacuum leak can result in engine performance issues such as a decrease in power , acceleration , and fuel economy. If the computer detects a problem with the EGR vacuum modulator signal or circuit it will set off the Check Engine Light to alert the driver of an issue.

The Check Engine Light can also be activated for a variety of other reasons, so having the vehicle scanned for trouble codes is highly recommended. Failed emissions test Another symptom of a potential problem with the EGR vacuum modulator is a failed emissions test.

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The easiest way to tell them apart is with their pan shapes. But this photo also illustrates their outward appearance. CHP The password for cool ’90s street performance is

Summary of Contents for Kenwood FM MODULATOR SYSTEM KCA-R70FM Page 1: Instruction Manual Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces desig- nated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below.

The and later units when in “Drive” started in low and automatically up shifted to high at a speed determined by the throttle opening. By the mid s, more than half of all new Chevrolets were sold with Powerglide. In , GM started building Air Cooled Powerglides in aluminium , primarily for use in the new model Chevy II, which required a lightweight transmission for its compact body, and discontinued the cast iron Powerglides in A heavy duty version of Aluminium Powerglide was offered for passenger cars equipped with the cubic inch V8 engine , and Chevrolet light trucks using a 1.

One notable exception was the export version of the transmission, which offered only the 1. Holden vehicles fitted with Chevrolet V8 engines used the 1. The Powerglide continued to serve as Chevrolet’s main automatic transmission through the s, when a new three-speed automatic transmission called Turbo-Hydramatic introduction began to be phased in. They were introduced in Buicks and Cadillacs the previous year.

Usually, Powerglides were coupled behind the small block V8s and the third-generation inline six-cylinder engine and inline four-cylinder engines. By the late s, demand for two-speed automatic transmissions was dwindling as buyers were demanding three-speed units Ford, Chrysler and American Motors had already switched entirely to three-speed automatics by this time. In , the three-speed Turbo Hydramatic THM was introduced as a light-duty companion to the Turbo-Hydramatic , and made available on virtually all Chevrolet cars and trucks with six-cylinder or small and medium-sized V8 engines, as well as intermediate sized cars of other GM divisions.


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All W-Machines should go right to the “AX” rod. The “DS” rod should only be used for racing. More adjustment of the secondary circuit can be made with the rod hanger. These hangers are coded A, B, C, etc. Therefore, an “A” hanger will pull the rods out sooner and higher than a “Z”. These are no longer available except for the “V” hanger, so off you go to the junk yard. OK, now that you’ve acquired all these pieces, rebuilt the carb, installed bseline rods, jets, and the like, you are ready for final testing.

Adjust all the fast idle, dash pot, vacuum break, etc. Now you can bolt the carb to the manifold. I suggest that a relatively SOFT gasket be used. Gasket offer a thicker unit with a composition which seems to hold up well. Remember, a Q-Jet is vacuum controlled, so I suggest that you run an in-line fuel filter of very high fuel flow capacity.

A Fram GF is what I use.

Transmission modulator replacement (early GM 4T60-E models)