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This might also be caused by the fact that the company is actually Belorussian. It is just a value that tells you how aggressively or carefully you need to play in order to win the battle, not the actual chance to win or lose it. I would therefore like to ask you to avoid doing this mistake yourself. Our Development team works constantly on improvements for the Matchmaking system. However, thinking about good improvements, test them, making them work, and making those changes effective in the official game takes a lot of time. If you have any idea that can improve anything in the game, you can post it in the official forums if you have at least 50 posts already. Here is the link to the official suggestions forum: Thank you for helping us improve. I hope this clarifies, how the Matchmaking system works, and if you want to play in skill-based matchmaking, you are always welcome to join the team battles, as they have a special, skill based match maker. And now in regards to your question, regretfully I have to inform you that they are definitely sly fishes as our developers constantly try to remove those mods and reduce their efficiency, however, this might regretfully take some time in order to be resolved completely.

Turrets syndrome – should you play World of Tanks version 1.0?

First daily victory with the vehicle Coefficient of 2 No Exiting battle during loading screen or countdown No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn XP e. No “Joining a battle” bonus.

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Jul 7, wrbt said: I’m a jagdpanzer I, I’d like to get the next one up and I had the exp to research it but nowhere near the money needed and it sure is slow going since I can’t seem to kill anything in the games I’m dropped in. I’ve heard people saying your job is to be a scout when everyone else has better tanks but a tank destroyer isn’t much for scouting, for me it seems my primary role is to hide in a bush until someone else comes by, shoot them in the arse times, then have them turn around and kill me.

Ideally as a tank destroyer should be hanging back out of sight of most of the enemy tanks. Pick locations you will have good line of fire so your own scouts can highlight enemies for you to pick at. If you’re not one of the stronger tanks on the team, leave the heavies for SPGs and focus on the medium tanks and other tank destroyers that will be carving up your scouts.

For the most part, tank destroyers have or can be equipped with pretty good guns for their tier so you should be able to fire into the front armor of most vehicles with some success.

Best tank. Tier 5

Achievement won on 13 Jul 18 TA Score for this game: Please log in to vote. For this achievement you only need to earn ONE mark of excellence, not all three. Mercenary tanks can only be bought with real money or earned through long missions.

Battlefield Heroes featured a modified conquest mode providing each team 50 lives and eventually one flag at the start of the round. Killing enemies and holding more flags than the opposing army would progressively reduce their number of lives. The game also featured matchmaking, to keep players of the same level together.

Sun, 24 Jan This ensure a potentially nice revenue stream, but often it leads to unbalanced matches. And this, coincidentally, is also quite a big problem with World of Tanks. The simple basis of this vehicular battler is two teams of 15 tanks battle in one-off matches over large maps, which aren’t anything to get excited about visually. Each player only has one life, so charge into the battle head-first and you’ll find that your first bout will be over in a matter of seconds.

This sense of vulnerability makes Wargaming’s biggest title a tight, tactical affair, but at times it can be frustrating. The good news about World of Tanks is that thanks to many different types of vehicle, it can be played in a variety of ways.

World of Tanks: The Good & The Bad

Billy Chubbs Billy Chubbs is a early 20’s Millennial with an impressive university degree in English and an equally impressive Electrician’s certification. He recently joined the Canadian Military and is currently serving as an officer. You can tell him how much you hate him via Twitter or just send him some good old fashioned hate mail. A grand total of four of my forebears served in the Canadian Army during WW2—one in the air force, as part of a bomber crew, one as a tanker he died just after the new year in , when his tank was destroyed , and two others as regular old infantry men.

He saw the most of the war, grinding his way across France and Holland and Germany while personally experiencing some of the epic events that are now ingrained forever in history.

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When will be the HD maps be released? Will they all maps come in the same time? We are working as hard as possible on the HD maps at the moment. A lot of the maps are in the final stage, where the map developers are working on finalising the maps and stabilising the codes. Some of them are still in the process. Of course, when we release the HD maps, we will try to release as many maps as possible but we want to keep the quality of the map as high as possible.

We want to make sure we have enough maps before releasing them so it does not have a significant impact on the matchmaking.

Sandbox Server

This is the first time I’ve run the dungeon on ‘Mythic’ difficulty, a nightmarish gauntlet where Blizzard throws all of its cruelest ideas at players in exchange for awesome loot. But every tip from the countless guides I’ve read couldn’t have prepared me for the monsters inside. It’s not the bloodthirsty, viking-like Vrykul but the player that’s berating because I am a “piece of shit tank” and “cancer. This is my second week learning how to tank in Warcraft. It’s bad enough that I have to learn every dungeon and every boss encounter inside and out just to be effective, but I also have to navigate the insults and frustration that happens when I fail and let the group down.

It’s a heavy burden to bear, and it’s bringing me face to face with one of Legion’s biggest problems.

Updated: November 15, Patch When I read the World of Tanks (WoT) official forums, sub-Reddit, and WoTLabs forums, one question comes up more than any other: how do I improve my gameplay? This is particularly challenging for players who have hit a ceiling in terms of their measurable performance (e.g. win rate, WN8.

I discuss the importance of flexing to prevent a flank from collapsing and the arguments against capping too early instead of pressing an advantage. Holding the high ground provides the following benefits: T Review, Contributing When Bottom Tier I discuss how to meaningfully contribute as a bottom-tier medium tank, with footage from a tier 10 Serene Coast battle in my T That said, even with a low penetration gun, by carefully watching the minimap and being opportunistic, I was able to make a solid contribution.

Additional Comments props to the STB-1 driver ahmechanic2 who played very well throughout the battle at 4: I have a tendency to be chatty during matches, and sometimes it screws me up. The mistake is that when I started pulling back, I stayed too close to the rocks on my left — as a result I a created a bigger gun depression challenge in terms of getting my gun down on the target.

World of tanks matchmaking table 9.0

You honestly can’t even put anything below Tier X since they’re obviously the best. And armor to match. This is a tank made from the steel wall medal. Impenetrable to anything other than arty, KV 2, and T

However, unlike World of Warships, which is a relatively new game comparing to World of Tanks. The supply container of World of Warships was implemented when they implemented the economy reform. For us, this is harder, as World of Tanks has its own legacy to considered.

By Nick Kolan If you’re not familiar with Wargaming. Narrow corridors are replaced by wide, open vistas, and your range of weapons are replaced by A whole world of them, actually. The structure of World of Tanks is session-based, like playing a round of Counter-Strike, and like Counter-Strike there are two ways to win each session. Either destroy all of your opponents or capture their base.

Tank combat in World of Tanks is, for the most part, satisfying. When you land a shell right in the rear of an enemy tank, the solid thud of the impact is very convincing, and you feel like you’re at the wheel of a brutally powerful machine of war. Exit Theatre Mode Much of the combat in World of Tanks has at least some element of luck, and at times that luck can work against you to such a degree that it becomes frustrating and infuriating.

This is most evident in the way tanks aim, which is displayed by a circle that widens with movement and slowly narrows the longer you stay still. Even if you’re completely immobile long enough for the targeting circle to become as narrow as possible, there will always be some leeway, and that leeway, over large distances, can cause you to miss more often than you hit.

This is all assumedly to make the experience more realistic, but this realism comes at the cost of fun.

World Of Tanks Episode 2: BAD MATCHMAKING!